Tuesday, December 28, 2010

true story

Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful and bless Christmas. We spent our time in Abbeville, South Carolina with my in-laws. It was great. Normally, in Mississippi we all get together on Christmas eve and eat lots of yummy food at Aunt Pam's. It always makes me sad when I miss it. I have a tough time being away but I made it through. We had a christmas dinner at Cody's cousin, Mandy and Patrick's house. We had a good time hanging out with their family and afterwards Cody's brother and family came over. They had been at Lola's house (Melissa's mom). 

We got up early Christmas day and went over to their house to see the babies open their presents. The power had gone out that morning at their house! It was super cold outside and inside! We came back to the house and ate breakfast (they had deer sausage, yuck) and then we opened presents. Cody's parents always give us money...amen. They filled our stockings with goodies, too. Sabra also gave us personalized stockings from Land's End. I love them. She gave me a new ornament for my tree as well. I've been collecting them like crazy. I think it's going to be my new thing. I got a new scarf and gift card from Clint and Melissa. Cody and I had already given each other presents but he got me a few other gifts. A new knife and an electric blanket that I've been wanting. haha... it's the simple things, huh? 

We ended up getting snow around 11p.m. on Christmas. Of course I was ready for bed but jumped up and put on my clothes and ran outside. I love it. 

Today, it kept snowing so we went out and made a snowman...

Cody got me this sock money too.. and it's amazing. 

BB got a new slut sweater...

She's a smart puppy...

Sabra made us some hot chocolate! 

:) i love him...


and my sexy husbands new skating outfit... check it out - 

yea, eat it up. 

I wish I had taken photos of all his birthday presents. I gave him a present for every hour until we went to dinner. Too bad he ended up having to work and I had to do it all at once. It was still fun. He loved it. I got him a new SWU sweatshirt, new shirt and pants and a really cute cardigan. I got him two new ornaments for this year. Ah, it's so fun. 

anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families... 

side note, I'm looking for a new birth control and since I know mainly only girls read this... help?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


christmas break and this is what i'm doing... awesome.

1. The Name you would have chose for yourself if you had any say at all: I like mine... but for some reason, I always liked it when people got my name wrong and called me Shelly. 
2. Favourite Jelly Belly flavour: peach and juicy pear

3. If you could trade your citizenship with any other country, what would it be? hmm, i like the land of the free and home of the brave just fine.

4. Have you ever been skinny-dipping? er, yeah.

5. Favorite drink: water. sweet tea. dr. pepper. peach nehi.

6. Last place on earth you’d ever want to be: arkansas... worst state to drive through ever.

7. Most recent kiss - when and from whom? few minutes ago from my hubby

8. Three earthly friends you can’t live without: cody.amy.cora

9. A meal memory that surpassed all others: jeez, i have lots... filet at sullivans... or at the hare and hound.... or ruth's chris... it always seems to be steak.. but oh yeah, i love the lamb lollipops at Summajoes. yum. 
10. How many times in your life have you moved? ugh, 17 times.
11. Favorite animal: a kitty named biscuit
12. Quick! Right this second, if you could be translated anywhere, where would you go? to a tropical island where it's just the right temp and my hubby would be beside me... :)
13. A toy from your childhood that you would still play with: snoozy suzy

14. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?  um, too many to count

15. Flip-flops, knee-high boots, or Reebok Pumps? all... except i never wear reebok

16. Ever waxed anything before? eyebrows

17. Favourite dance move? haha, whatever my cheerleaders are teaching me

18. Best sunrise you’ve ever witnessed: driving to MS with Cody

19. The one food that you make that nobody else can come close to (in your opinion, of course): grilled cheese.... or my peanut butter reese cups (i just learned how good I am at making them)

20. Chrissy, Janet or Terry? Janet!

21. The band or song you secretly love but would never tell until now: i love really bad pop songs

22. Article of clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead in: um, i think i've cleaned my closet of any thing I wouldn't wear

23. Sprawling one-story or multi-storied mansion? multi-storied mansion please

24. Do you dance in front of the mirror? sometimes but normally with cody

25. Weirdest food you’ve ever loved: um, i think I'm pretty normal here... i used to love my cheesecake frozen but not really anymore.

26. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very strange, how strange do you REALLY think you are? i think i'm just boring. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to the love of my life...

December 21 is the day of birth for my husband who is my best friend, lover, snuggle bunny, comic relief, tear dryer, supporter, driver, dish washer, toe warmer and so many other things. He makes every day of my life better. He makes me better. He doesn't let me have a bad day. He encourages me and makes me feel like so much more than I ever thought I was. He always opens the door for me. He always keeps me safe. I wish I had known this was the man God had for me. I wouldn't have wasted my time with those other boys, but God knew what He was doing preparing us both... for this relationship that is more beautiful than anything else I know on earth.

Thank you God for creating this man that I call friend, lover and Cody.

Happy Birthday, Cody!

Our first picture - June 18, 2007 

Dec. 21, 2010 at Villa Novella
"sweet potato cheesecake"

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Dinner at SWU

At the end of the year, SWU has two big Christmas dinners, one for the students and one for the faculty and staff... lucky for me, I'm married to a student so I get to go to both. This year they had a photobooth at the student dinner.. It was so much! 
Cody and I :)
John, Amy, Matt, Me, Nick, Emily, Cody and Drew

We have become very close with these two. They are like our kids. John always takes Cody's side and Amy always takes mine. haha. They are great!

Love them!

(ps... isn't my husband such a hotie?)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My Mommy made me these wreaths for my doors. Pretty awesome, huh? 

Christmastime in Mississippi

Time is flying. We  left Thursday around lunch and headed to my hometown, Laurel, MS. We were so excited to get there for many reason but mainly for the wedding of my cousin, Kasey and his bride, Mary Ann. We got there around 6:30 that night and headed over to my Aunt Pam's house. My whole family lives on the same road so we jumped out the car and freshened up at my Moms and walked over to her house. We all live on Hollomon Road, named after my wonderful great-grandmother, Birdie Hollomon who passed away in 1997. I love that road. It was the best thing ever growing up with my whole family being right outside my front door.

We ate chili, vegetable beef soup and had a really good sausage and pepper french bread sandwich. Everyone was there but Kasey and Mary Ann since they were setting up for the wedding. It is the first time my siblings and I have all been home at the same time in about 3 years. It is only the 2nd time Cody and Kayla have been around each other. ha. Callee was there so it was a ton of fun and Mary Lee is hot pregnant lady. Josh looks pregnant too. Kayla had a sprained/broke arm. I'm still not really sure. She made me wash her hair. Sisterly bonding. 

That night we had our Christmas. We draw named at Thanksgiving for presents and we open all of those together and then me and my family go to my Mom's and open up presents from each other. My Mom got me the bread machine that I'm been not so shy about saying I wanted. I got Toms from Kayla and Mary Lee got me the "Red Plate" for special occasions. I've always wanted one. Kayla brought Cody some Christmas ornaments from Jerusalem. They are really neat. We are working on our ornament collection so we really liked them. They are already on the tree. 

Friday we went shopping in Hattiesburg and wanted to eat at Crescent City but it was graduation day at USM so they were packed. We ended up just eating at McAlisters but it was good b/c I got to run into Emily DeLuca Holmes! That night,  we were invited to the rehearsal at Hebron Baptist. We went to the dinner at Matilda's. It is a restaurant in the middle of nowhere. You pass Collins, then Hot Coffee and then when you see the sign for New Hope you take a left and drive for 5 miles and there it is... It was great food though. The mashed potatoes were delish. I was so happy to be there and spend time with my cousins and brother and sister in law. We road home with my brother and watched the Hangover on the way home. His car has three tvs. We were so spoiled. 

Saturday, we went shopping  again with Mom and Kayla. I really didn't get to see anyone but my family on this trip unless we ran into people while out and about. It was good though. I don't get enough time with my Mom. The wedding was at 6 that night. It was great. They really love each other and people. It showed by everyone who came. Kasey is so loved by the community and same for Mary Ann. I love Kasey and am so proud of the godly man he has become. I can't wait to see what they end up doing now as one. 

We tried to watch Inception when we got home but that was pretty impossible due to the kids/adults talking. It's not a movie you can stop watching and still know what's going on. Our allergies started getting to us that night so we got some bendryl and passed out. 

Sunday flew by... we did run into John and Shauna, my old pastor and his wife,  in town when we went out for lunch. I wished we had made it to Crosspointe that morning. We woke up feeling terrible though and it's only gotten worse since. 

We were glad we decided to drive home on Monday b/c Cody had a fever Sunday night and I started getting sick later as well. We both woke up with achy throats and snot. We got up around 8 a.m. and jumped in the car without a shower so we could hurry home. 

We've been sick ever since. I haven't been back to work yet but plan on going tomorrow assuming it doesn't snow... fingers crossed?! 

ok, so that was a pretty detailed version of our weekend in MS. documentation, people! 


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Today was one of those days where you just don't get out of bed. It started off with bad news... well sad news. Because of Graduation, we're going to miss our Christmas in Mississippi. Thursday is the only night they can do when everyone can be there b/c of Kasey and Mary Ann's wedding. I was really looking forward to being there. I have been so homesick lately so this just makes it worse and if I was honest, makes me not even want to go b/c it's not going to be what I want. I'm a big baby like that. Luckily,  I come back to reality and realize I can't miss the rest of the weekend and I have to stop being a big baby.

So, back to what I was saying. I was sad all day so I slept all day and showered at around 5 p.m. It was pitiful. We finally got up and went to Five guys for dinner and we went to a new yogurt place in town called Yogurt Mountain. It was heavenly and helped get me out of my funk.

I blame it all on Winter. I plan to move away from this season as soon as we can.

photos of the past few weeks...

Emily at our Thanksgiving fest

Cody and Chris at our Thanksgiving fest

someone put a thong on the Warrior statue... classic last week of school prank. 

Lessons and Carols... horrible photo... I didn't try. 

heaven in a cup. Watermelon sorbert. 

Faculty Christmas Dinner w/the hubs

I hate wishing my days away but I can't wait for this weekend. So I hope these days go joyfully by smoothly fast. :)


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