Friday, May 24, 2013

We're having a baby!


Baby Price
Due January 5, 2014

We found out on May 5. It was a Sunday morning. We had a super emotional Saturday while we were house shopping the day before. Well, I had super emotional day. Cody was super supportive. I really did not think I was pregnant. We just thought it was hormones and that time of the month. It was a complete shock when I got up early and decided to take a pregnancy test. Honestly, I waited until I was 6 days late b/c I didn't want to waste a pregnancy test, because I KNEW I WASN'T PREGNANT! Ha. The Lord has His ways.

We weren't really "trying"... we kept saying we were "not, not trying" but were just letting things happens naturally. I am so thankful it was "easy" for this to happen. I've been having a little anxiety wondering if we would be able to have babies. Even though the doctors have never told me anything to make me wonder, I just didn't know. My sister doesn't have kids so I couldn't base it off of that so I'm really going into this whole thing blindly. So many of my friends and family have had a hard time getting pregnant or have had miscarriages and while that is still a huge, scary concern, I know the Lord is in control. So many people my age have problems and they are so healthy. I know every body is different, but you just never know. I know I can't let that rule my life, but it is a thought I've had and wanted to document it.

We are so excited though. We both cried and yelled and just held each other for a long time after we found out with our minds racing. We did jump up and head straight to Babies R Us to price out our future. We ate at Jason's Deli and kept looking at each other and saying "We're having a baby!" The next few weeks are going to be crazy. We will obviously have to move out of the Inn that we are the resident directors of and find a home for this new addition. Lots of changes are coming!

Please pray for us... and our new baby.


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