Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We've ordered Cody's ring. We got him a Titanium ring with single wide Sterling Silver inlay from Johan on Etsy.

Saved a lot of money and Cody likes it so we're excited. We have made some really good decisions as far as our rings go. We have been very blessed and lucky that's for sure!

One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

I had a great time in Mississippi this weekend. We got to eat at Dickey's - which my mom has been raving about and loving. Unfortunately, it fell a little flat for me. Cody and I eat BBQ a lot. We usually go out of our to eat it on occassions. I'm looking for perfect meat, he loves great sauces. Anyway, I digress...

We hung out with the DeLoach family on Friday night which is always a treat. They are so wonderful and love me like their own. They are always encouraging to anything I'm doing or going through. I'm glad they get to spend so much time with Cody too.

On Saturday, we took Cody to Shipley's b/c I was craving a donut from there. He ate three jelly filled. :) After that we went to the mall to find my Mom some sandals and some jewlery for a dress she just got. The Laurel mall is so strange.

We got to visit my Pawpaw that morning at the nursing home as well. It's great how he still has a sense of humor. Sometimes I can never tell if he's pulling my leg or just going crazy. I don't know if he knows how funny he is. When we left on Sunday, the man next to him told us to drive careful and my pawpaw replied with yeah, there's snow up there where they're going and then winked at Cody. ha. It's little things like that where he's messing with other people's minds that are funny. Like when one day, I asked him if he knew who everybody in the room was but when I got to me he said he didn't know, then he chuckled. ha. Love it.

I went to practice my wedding hair with a new friend, Tamara. She goes to Crosspointe Church - my home church and is best friends with my Matron of Honor, Amy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about my hair. I thought I wanted it like this, but I look retarded with it up. I need to keep looking for ideas. Anyone got any?

This is what the back of my hair looked like after she finished. We couldn't get my hair to curl that day either. I'm going to have it dyed soon. I was trying to wait a few more weeks before I go. Hopefully that will make the curl stay.
My Aunt Pam threw us a wedding shower that afternoon. It was nice and awkward. I hate opening gifts in front of people. I don't really get excited about much so this was terrible. I do really appreciate everything I got and am so happy, I will have all these things when I actually learn to cook, but I'm just a little reserved when it comes to being excited about pots and pans. I hate that about myself too. I did really love the personalized gifts I got. Britt got me an awesome platter shapped like Mississippi, Dawn made me a super cute apron and Shauna made me a really neat wall cross. I loved the personalized towels too. I got a lot of Paula Dean cookware too that is pretty and I'm sure awesome to use. We aren't opening anything until we move so I'll let you know how it is to cook in it one day!

I ate pork for almost every meal except when we went to Shipley's so needless to say, I put on a few pounds while I was home. I had been slack last week so the weekend didn't help my already poor efforts. I am back full force though. Veggies, fruits, green tea, oatmeal. We ran last night in intervals at the softball stadium across the street from my house. We ran the bases for a little bit but I got dizzy. ha. We ended up races in the parking lot. I felt like I was a kid again and with that thought my legs were going to come out from up under me. It was good though. I'm going to do more of the interval running. I have got to shed some pounds - which I did - lost 2lbs from yesterday so I'm hoping to shed more water weight and yuck out of me today.
I'm also on day 3 of tanning and can already tell. woop! Being tan always makes me feel less fat. ha. I do not advocate tanning beds, but sometimes they are necessary when the only sun you see is out your office window.
anyhow. have a good week!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guestbook II

Started some work on the guestbook today...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Working for the weekend.

Going home to MS this weekend and couldn't be more excited...

I'm getting to see my Moma & Gary

And hopefully each one of these girls!
(Amy - Me -B - Em)

My sister turns 28 next week! Happy Early Bday Kayla!
I do hope I get to use my IsleONE card this weekend... GOOD LUCK ON THOSE ACES!

I got to see Conan Obrien last week in Atlanta... you would have thought you were at a concert with all the music being played. It was strange.

On my way to proof my final invitation revision and then hopefully printing them AGAIN. I don't even want to go into all of that... but they are done. Changed again and designing my own invitation was the worst decision EVER! - graphic designer brides, take note.
I got in a few fan samples today. Not sure what to go with on those yet.
6 weeks until I'm Mrs. Price!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I've already changed my bridal entrance song... I couldn't help it. I didn't love the version my dj had for Yellow.

I think I'll keep it a secret until the big day, so you have to show up to hear it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my goodies

Cody and Mom at Sticky Fingers trying out all the wedding food! 


love my pillow!
oh i can't wait to be married to Cody.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ring Bearer Pillow

My pillow is on it's way today!


I wanted to pull my hair out most of the weekend trying to get all the little details together. I was pretty good up until I got to the venue and there was discussion of changing the time from 6 p.m to 7:30 or 8 p.m - that is just too late... The sun can just be in people's eyes for a minute. I can live with that. I know I'm going to be hot and sweaty that day.. it's a given.

We got a lot taken care of...

Such as....

Sticky Fingers will be catering the wedding. I'm actually really happy about this. I love them. They are an original South Carolina thing so it's something from my new home state.

I was really tempted to have my girls hold pinwheels, but my mom told me I was silly. This is so lovely I think though. It's true that none of my family would get it but oh well.

So we stuck with flowers.... We are using a local florist - Nat's. The owner, Janice has been fantastic helping me and finally told me to stop looking and be done with it. I never thought I would be so indecisive with things. oh well. it's done and I love the flowers.

This is the song that Cody's uncles will be singing and playing at our wedding. It's a Led Zepellin cover. We had a few ones we were choosing from, but ended up going with this one and I'm happy with it. A little different.
I will be walking in to this...

Yellow by Coldplay - but the instrumental version
hmm. I can't wait.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today's purchases...

60 days until I have a new last name...

Here are a few purchases...

who doesn't love cute buttons?

Or big flowers in their hair?

What about personalized ring bearer pillows?

Or hot pink boots?

Georgia this weekend to get our marriage license and to see my Moma!


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