Friday, June 22, 2012


I am so happy to announce that we are officially moving out of Due West.


We spent the whole day looking at properties and finally settled on a place. We are going to sign the lease tomorrow. Sigh. So happy to begin a new chapter.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


The past few weeks have been crazy and God has been stretching us. Please keep Cody and I in your your prayers as we are trying to make a few tough decisions.

I went home this week to clear my head and get out of Due West for a little bit. Cody had to work so I got to go alone with Norah. It was first time I have gone alone since before graduating college in 2008. I loved seeing everyone and hanging out with my mom and family.

I also got to go to the church where I became a christian. It was wonderful.

I love this little town. Like my friend, Erin at Lucky Luxe said to me on Friday, "You really have to leave to appreciate it." It is so true.

Happy 60th Anniversary!

We celebrated Cody's grandparents 60th anniversary weekend before last. We had a blast in the mountains with them. My mom came up and we had a great time. We hiked to see a waterfall at Cloudland Canyon. 

Granny and Grand-dad

Granny and Cody

The whole family - the Great-Grandkids - Granny and Grand-dad


Me, the hubs and Norah

Me and Mom

Cloudland Canyon Waterfall  (not really flowing)

My Mother in-law and Mom - Love these ladies

Monday, June 4, 2012

Derek Olive Garden aka Eric

Saturday was one of my best budies, Eric's birthday. Eric and I went to college together and weren't really friends. We both wanted to be graphic designers and top of our class. I hated being in class with him though cause he was my direct competition plus he was a know -it-all about design.... and well he still is. After college we seemed to have the same friend group and ended up becoming really good friends and we "share" my husband b/c they love each other very much. Eric chased his design dreams to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta then chased his next dream to live in Big Apple. He did it for a year and thankfully came back to South to share his knowledge and creativity. He is now the Senior Designer at a big advertising firm in downtown Atlanta. He is always encouraging me in my design even though I rarely do it much any more. I am happily jealous of his great talent and love to see him succeed.

Meg and I drove down for the day to celebrate and meet all his Atlanta friends. It was so much fun. He lives in the coolest neighborhood.

Nichole, Evan, Eric and Me

Me & Meg

Meg, Me, Eric, Megan and Nichole

Everybody at the party... most of the people in this pic are designers, art directors, copy writers, marketing gurus or something in the advertising world. It was fun to be around all of that creativity. 


I forgot to post these pics a while back of a photo shoot we did for a high school friend of Cody's. His daughter is a cutie... 

Those two are my favorites. 

please take me back...

Back in December as a belated anniversary trip, we went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica to Couples Resort - Tower Isle. It was perfect and I really want to go back... you can see why... 

The island is a nude beach you can go and sunbathe. 

It's so pretty. 

If you know me at all, you know I want red-headed babies and I plan to to name my first girl Birdie (after my great-grandmother). My friends always tried to set me up with red-headed guys so that this dream could be possible. Well, Cody has slightly red hair in the summer or at least hints of it so I am still holding tight to the dream that it could happen. Also, his brother and sister in-law have the sweetest youngens.... one of which happens to be the most beautiful red head ever...

Here is a pic from her class at daycare....

I mean, I'm kind of partial but she really puts the rest of the kids to shame. 

Here are a few pics we took this weekend...

and she is sweet as pie, too. 

Here is a pic of Coleton, her brother so he doesn't feel left out... 
a true boy that doesn't mind getting dirty. 


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