Friday, April 25, 2014

Gam is here!

Gam was here all week! She came to stay while Cody was on a business trip for the week. It was sad to see Cody go, but we were so excited to see her! She never got to hold him while he was in the NICU so this was her first time. She was so excited to see him. 

We took a few walks in the afternoon. Archer loves going for walks. 

He played in his bouncer thing while we tended to the garden.

Photoshoot with Dad

Time with Archer

He is just so much fun. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

First time eating cereal!

Great Wolf Lodge

We got to spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge and Archer totally loved the beds....

He was ready for a dip in the big tub!

GooGoo was on baby duty so we could ride a few big kid slides.

Coleton and Kylee loved it! We had a great time. Archer was happy as long as he wasn't getting splashed on. Can't wait to take him to the beach.

4 month recap!

Archer will be 4 months tomorrow! He is growing so much and is just wonderful! 

Here's some photos since the last update! 

He's growing up so fast. I just love him so much. 


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