Sunday, February 10, 2013


The past week was a roller coaster. About two weeks ago I found two small lumps on my breast. My grandmother had breast cancer, so I've always done self-checks knowing that my risks are greater now. I'm glad it's one habit I have stuck with and I guess you can say it paid off. I had a doctors appt. coming up so I waited until this Tuesday to have it checked out. The doctor confirmed there was something there and immediately set me up an appointment at the breast cancer center at the hospital for 8:30 the next morning. I held back my tears as she was explaining everything. I got in the car and drove to lunch to meet Cody. I called my mom and tried not to cry, but it wasn't possible. I think it's more emotions of losing my nanny to cancer that swelled up inside of me than anything. I have faith that no matter what happens God will handle it. After lunch, I went back to work. I am so blessed to work with some amazing people. Coach is a godly woman so her first reaction was to tell me not to worry and that will pray. She handles pressure everyday so she talked me through the mental part. I am so glad I am in such a comfortable place right now while this is going on. 

That afternoon I didn't want to do anything, but be at home alone with the Lord and in my own head. I wanted to wrap my head around what was going on. While on the phone with Cora, the doorbell rang. It was almost 9pm so I had no idea why someone would be coming by this late and all our friends know where the key is so it was weird. I ran downstairs and like and idiot, I didn't even look in the peep hole. When I opened the door, I stood there shocked - It was my mom! She had driven 8 hours to come be with and go to my appointment. It made me cry like a big baby. It was so nice to feel so loved and taken care of. Her and Cody kept it a secret. I should have known when I got home and the house was so clean. 

The next morning was my appointment. The doctors did a sonogram and saw the spots. One is a cyst and the other looks like a cyst but they aren't positive so they want me to monitor it for the next couple of months and come back to check if there are any changes. I was/am so relived. It didn't really hit me until I was laying there that... "oh, crap, what if it is cancer?" I guess I had just assumed the whole time it was fine and thankfully it is, for now. The whole thing was surreal. I'm glad it's kind of over. 

It did make me realize that even though I'm 28 years old, my momma will still come to my rescue though. 


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