Thursday, March 31, 2011

workity work it

So, I came back from vacation to an extremely busy week at work. Seriously, I've never had to keep up with so many details even when I was designing a magazine and putting together a college catalog. Whew. I ate lunch and dinner at my desk. (thank you cody for bringing my meals!)

That's really all I got right now. I'm so tired. I'm still off cycle from Chicago. I promise to have a legit post coming soon. Hopefully, Cora will bring us something awesome as usual tomorrow.

I hope everyone is doing swell. Tomorrow is Friday so listen to the song below and sing it all day and don't hate me for it.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm so ready for Friday...

oh, this song is horrible.

PS. We got frozen yogurt from 3 Spoons for a whole year. (I didn't stay all night but Cody did!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frozen Yogurt

We are on our way to camp out to receive frozen yogurt for a year. 
Fingers crossed we're one of the first 50 in line. 

More pics from Chicago...

small town girl...

This visit to Chicago was another eye opener for me. It helped stir up and settle the thoughts about the type of person I've always wanted to be and the type of person I am. While it was great to spend time with my sister, I had nightmares most nights and didn't sleep much. I was anxious most of the time there. The city just gets to me. It just goes back to me being scared again.  I hate the thought of living there. To me, it's lonely. There's no community. You are like a freak if you speak to people on the bus, your cab driver or someone you are standing in line with. I need people. As much as I complain about my current situation, which is ideal, there is no way I would trade my worst day for a great day there.

BUT on the other hand... I had huge dreams in college to go be a mega business person and work for Trump. Live in a big city... make lots of money... Be Somebody important... I've always lived by the "it's who you know" mentality and I thought I could kiss ass all the way to the top... which it's possible that I could have, but God knew better and I somehow ended up in higher education. I am prideful, greedy and selfish - everything you need to be to make it in the business world. Then, sometimes I'm moral, compassionate and personable... everything you don't need to be. "it's not personal, it's business" This is a rambling post... mainly b/c I can't fall asleep. I'm just getting my thoughts out about what I felt while I was there... what went through my head seeing the people in Chicago and walking the streets of corporate america.

Is is wrong that I want to be SOMEBODY? like, somebody that everyone knows...? does that make sense? i want to do something big... huge... That is one of the desires in my heart.... but isn't that crazy selfish... wrong?!? It's coming from my heart which is deceitful above all things (Jer. 17:9) but maybe God is stiring something in my soul to do something great... maybe? surely! Why do I have this desire to lead... to be in charge? Am I really that bossy of a person... or controlling? eh, some would say yes.

I don't have to live in a big city to do great things. I guess I learned that from this trip. I have a great life... not in the spotlight... in a small town... with a great circle of friends and family. I make decent money... drive a nice car... and can pay my bills. Is that enough? God is enough so I'm praying that I'll be content with where I am... doing the job that I'm doing and look for opportunities to be great for Him instead of ones that magnify me.

He must increase and I must decrease. john 3:30

I'm assuming some people won't understand where I'm coming from or what I'm even rambling about but just as my friend pray for me as I learn to be the person God has me as now instead of the person I thought I would be. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chicago.... so far

the last few days... 
i'm super tired so just enjoy these pics.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Blogger: Love Notes from the Fickle Monster, Part 7

My gym teachers used to pass out Popsicle sticks for every lap completed. Once a kid collected four sticks, marking a mile, he or she could lounge around and watch the little chunks struggle to finish.

I was a little chunk. I never wanted to run, jog, or move really. I would have much rather eaten a Popsicle than collected the sticks. Frequently, I'd try to break the stick and hold the pieces so one became two and two became four. I was a chunky little cheater, and I never wanted to run. My feet were (and still are) outrageously flat, and I was convinced that was giving me knee and joint issues as a seven year old. Even as a little girl, I was terribly embarrassed by my earth-shakin' thighs, certain the earth would quake if I picked up my pace. I tiptoed around, fearful, self conscious, fat.

And then, I trained for and finished a half marathon.

As I'm crossing the finish line, some guy was yelling things about "leaving it all on the table" and having "no regrets." He made me laugh!

Elementary Equivalent: 52.1 Popsicle sticks

I LOVED the Shamrock Half Marathon. I started with some folks I didn't know and finished with some folks I didn't know. I ate nerves, excitement, and Fiber One for breakfast. My dad dropped me off, and I headed to the corrals with thousands of other people. Everyone was amped, and the process was smooth. Honestly, the run was fun. The miles mounted, and I kept going until I heard my dad yelling my name as I crossed the finish line. The finish line! All I could think of was signing up for the next race, weird. Really weird for me, lest we forget my early childhood chunk status. 

When you run this kind of race, you get showered with cool junk at the finish line like a shirt, hat, FOOD, and an awesome medal.

My "HECK YES, I feel like a champ" Face (they didn't give me this at the finish line. I made it myself.)

I'd like you to meet my shiny little medal!

I was probably MOST excited about this FREE HAT!

These are the legs of a champ.. and some Sauconies which were important too.

Collecting my medal and shirt and hat at the end was exciting but something else happened.

On Sunday, I broke something inside of myself. I broke the nasty, terrible lie little girls tell themselves when they are standing on a dusty track holding Popsicle sticks. The lie that screams at little girls when they are inching to the edge of a pool in a tankini, clutching a terry cloth towel. The lie the beckons little girls to find love at the bottom of a box or from the touch of a boy. The lie that whispers, "You're too fat already. Quit now, you're not worth it." Running a half marathon was simply the physical representation of a very emotional and spiritual movement in my person. I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 18 minutes, but what I really did was release the little girl inside of me to believe.

Let me tell you something, if you are still lying to the little girl inside of you, STOP IT. If you are allowing other people to lie to her, STOP THEM. We are far more than chunky little cheaters, choosing to cautiously walk through life like we're going to break things because we believe we are fat or ugly or stupid or worthless. We are far more than the names we were called, the names we are called, the names we call ourselves.

So, let's do some laps
Let's collect our sticks and hold them proudly.
Let's not compare but congratulate, love, and learn.
Let's quit perpetuating the lies.
Let's struggle and laugh and cry.
Let's cross some finish lines and sign up for more races.
Let's watch God move in our midst, warm us up, and push us forward.

Shall we?
I dare us.

P.S. THANK YOU for all of the love and support!


Cora Ruth Flottman is the best friend, college room8 and a complete inspiration to Sheila. 
She is an actress, teacher, christian, lover of the written word and men who can change the tires on a car.

She blogs here every Friday.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM!

Today is my sweet Mom's birthday! I've loved having her here in South Carolina for the week. I wish I didn't have to work half of it, but it's been nice going home and having her there. We've eaten a lot. We've planted some plants (well I only did my herb plant but she planted me 4 pots!) I'll take photos later! We've house shopped. It's just been fun! 

We are leaving for Chicago today to visit my sister, Kayla. It will be Mom's first time on a plane and Cody's first trip past the mason dixon line! So fun!

Say a prayer for us! And tell my Mom happy birthday!


I'm sure most of you have heard of or have seen her cakepops around the internet....

She is sick right now and needs our prayers so when you get the chance, say a little prayer for her and stop by her blog and leave her some love... or a kidney since that's what she needs right now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm alive

I'm alive. I'm busy. I love you, I mean it. See you in a couple of days. (if anything, Cora, the fickle monster will be here Friday to give you an amazing update about her race and the past few days of her journey... which is amazing...(especially if you know all the behind the scene stories and things God is doing!))

say a little prayer for my family if you think about it this weekend... we're flying to Chicago on Thursday and staying with my sister until Monday!


Sunday, March 20, 2011


For the next two days, I'll be attending the CNAC (College News Association of the Carolinas) Conference in Greenville, SC. I'm kind of excited about b/c my old boss from NGU will be there. It'll be great to hang out with him for the day. We'll get to hear some really good sessions on internal and online communications as well as branding. The speakers are mainly directors from the larger colleges in the Upstate like Clemson and USC. There will be a few advertising directors there give insight too. 

Anyway, I'll be away from the computer for a bit so enjoy this amazing song while I'm gone....

love love love them. 


She did it!!!

I'll let her tell you about it on Friday, but I had to post this picture! I'm so proud of her!

Way to go, Room8!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moma mia...

My mom is on her way to visit from Mississippi. We are so excited. We are also very tired from cleaning. You know you need a clean house when your mom comes... even though I know she'll try to clean up while she's here.

I really want to redecorate our little apartment. We have big furniture that is great but not for this place. We just have too many random things we've bought but nothing that is great. My artwork is all off. I hardly have any photos up. It's not my favorite place I've lived. I just can't get my style going here.

here is some inspiration. I want the light, ethereal feeling through out my house. Light blues, greens, organic materials, a few pops of color and some antique pieces. oh, one day...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Love Notes from the Fickle Monster, Part 6

Practice makes perfect, Cora.

Eugh. Really? Thanks, I understand.

On Sunday, I run my very first half marathon. By run, I simply mean the peppy jog I have aquired through months of training. I have practiced, prepared, prepped. While I am not perfect, I will complete the half marathon with achy hips and feet, and I will probably cry.


One year ago, I could barely jog for five minutes, two minutes, THIRTY SECONDS. No lie. I started the Couch to 5K program, sweat like a man, and grumbled through the interval training. I did not hate it, but I didn't wake up thinking, "Gee, I can't wait to put on my running shoes and take some laps." But I did it, almost every day. I practiced, relentlessly. I set the achievable goal of running a 5K in November, and based on that success, decided to sign up for the Shamrock Half. When I tell people I am doing this, their responses are funny:

"You are a glutton for punishment."
"I could drive 13.1 miles."
"Is that a good idea?"
"Don't you think that is a little extreme."
"You? Really?"
"Wow, I'm proud of you."

Naturally, I am nervous. What if I have to pee, and I end up wetting myself at mile 9? What if I just can't make it? What if it takes me 4 hours? What if my hips kill or a bear attacks me or my brain falls out of my ears? I could come up with any  number of things to be FREAKED OUT about, but I breathe and remind myself: practice. My practice is relfective of how I wish to perform.

I did not practice speaking Spanish or eating potatoe chips or dancing the Tango in order to run this half marathon. I practiced breathing, pacing, focusing, and simply moving in order to make this happen in my life. I think so often we actively practice for things which do not align with how we wish to perform.

Do I want to learn how to love others more? Practice.
Do I want to bake tasty cupcakes? Practice.
Do I want to write a Pulitzer Prize piece of fiction? Practice.
Do I want to speak French fluently? Practice.
Do I want to race in a Triathalon? Practice.
Do I want to memorize scripture? Practice.
Do I want to live a Godly life? Practice.

We will never arrive without practice.
We may never arrive, but practice for the positive.
Practice for the impossible.
I dare you.   

Cora Ruth Flottman is the best friend and college room8 of Sheila. She is an actress, teacher, christian, lover of the written word and men who can change the tires on a car.

She blogs here every Friday.

brat pack

Yesterday I listened to a student complain about her life... love... school, etc... I wanted to shake her as she complained. Oh, what wonderful moments she is having right now. I would give anything to go back and spend these moments with my friends again... I would mend relationships... end others.... enjoy each moment... forgive wrongs and listen more than talk. I would pray with friends... I would grow... I would not let little things get in my way. If I had known how much I would miss laying in the grass on sunny days with my friends I would have done it way more.

when I think about my fondest college memories I think about this song and these girls...

I need you like a heart needs a beat. 

dedicated to cora and pearl


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