Monday, August 31, 2015

My humble idea

Back at the beginning of Summer, I came across a post from my hometown on Instagram. They had made t-shirts for locals to purchase. There wasn't much to them, but I immediately noticed they used my favorite brand of t-shirts. I wanted one. Instead of buying one from them, I came up with the idea to make one for my current hometown in South Carolina. And so, my little hometown pride t-shirt business has begun.

I signed up for the Farmer's Market and began selling the shirts there. I also shared this photo on Facebook.

People shared it, liked it, commented on it. It also helped that I used our friends Tyler and Allison as the models! They live right off the square. People began coming to the market just to get one of my shirts!

My coworker, Grace, let me know of a new boutique coming into town and set me up a meeting. Ashley, the owner of the new boutique welcomed me so fast and has been so wonderful. She has supported little business and put my shirts in her shop.

For July 4, the town had a parade and we were able to sell a lot of shirts that day as well as sell a few tank tops I ordered special for that day. We sold out of these.

Local businesses began to purchase the shirt. 1826 Bistro on the square were the first. Andrew and Justin purchased shirts for their whole staff. Palmetto Bank, the Village Bakery all took suit and the shirts have been flying off the shelf at the Boutique.

It's been such a blessing. We have been able to meet so many people through this About a month ago, through some strange circumstances we meet the town administrators. They said they have been watching us as our shirts have become a hit. They asked me to design some new shirts for the Fall Festival. I'm so excited. They are currently at the printers. We will have shirts for all of the volunteers and I'll be selling them along with some koozies and car decals/stickers. I'm so excited!

The boutique has already put in a second order and we added a new color - Dark Heather Grey.

I'm excited about the future of this little business.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blue Lizard®

This month I received my first Influenster box. I was so excited about all the great products I was getting to try out! I got the Nuture box filled with great mom type goodies. See!

Of course, the first product I tried was the Red Vines. I am a huge Twizzler fan so I was excited to try these. The taste is completely different than the Twizzler's taste which was a pleasant surprise! I really liked it and excited to try more! 

I got my box on a Friday so it was the perfect opportunity to try the Blue Lizard sunblock during the weekend. One of my favorite things about Blue Lizard is that the cap or bottle will turn blue when there are UV rays so it basically alerts you to put on sunscreen! How cool is that? 

We got ready for the pool and I put the sunscreen on myself and my son, Archer. We got the sport kind which is great for my busy body son that is always running around and never stopping. It worked great! We played outside at the park and then came home and got in the pool. We reapplied on his cheeks and shoulders before we got in the pool. We are now fans of Blue Lizard. I'm sure we'll be using this a lot more in the future! This summer is so hot here. It's supposed to be 100 all week in South Carolina! 

I'll be reviewing more from my Nuture box soon, so stay tuned!

*I tested Blue Lizard Sunscreen and Red Vines for free, but all opinions are my own. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

October - 10 months

October was a great, but also sad month for us. Our pawpaw passed away so we made the trip to MS. It was great to see everyone again, but it was hard saying goodbye to Pawpaw. We knew it was going to happen soon so we have been waiting for the call. It was still hard to take. The last few years of his life were my favorite time with him. He was so much more loving and open about his feelings and life. He told us all kinds of stories about what he had been through and just random stories that we aren't sure are all true, but fun. He was so happy to meet Archer back in the summer. Cody and I both talked about how great his reaction was and how happy it made us that day seeing his face when we brought Archer in to see him. It was just wonderful. 

We had a busy month with the trip to MS, but we also did a lot of fun things here in SC. We went to the Indie Craft Fair with Tyler, Allison and Eva and to Skytop Orchid. We had Homecoming at NGU and Archer got some love and of course, a big hug from Dr. Epting. For Halloween, Archer was a Tiger. We had a few people over to the house for treats and then we all walked around the neighborhood. My sweet 10 month is crawling everywhere, eating tons and smiling at everyone. He is just so happy all of the time. He has two teeth on the bottom and three, almost four on top. He stands up on everything and will guide himself around. 

The photos are out of order, but just enjoy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9 Months

Happy 9 Months of Life, Archer!
This sweet baby is saying Mama and Dada.
He is crawling and it's so cute.
He doesn't like puffs yet.
We started feeding him some prepackaged meals to help Dad out during the day and even though it's breaking my heart to feed it to him, it has been helpful.
He has started waking up in the middle of the night at 3am, but going back to bed until 5:30-6am.
He takes two naps a day.
He loves playing with Norah, his camera, Lenny the lamb and Pooh bear.
He laughs all the time and fake coughs a lot.

His new Ikea rug to crawl on.

It's football season and Aunt Mojo let us borrow these sweet Clemson overalls! He is so darn cute in them.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Coke is on Clemson's campus and they have a station set up letting people design cans with their names on them. The idea was to get a can for yourself and one to share with another person. We got a few in the office and someone needed another name so I was able to all of us a can with our names!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Precious Moments

Here's just a snap shot of our afternoons together. He's the best. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

4 Years

This past weekend, the hubs and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. I couldn't have asked for a better mate. He is kind of awesome. It's been a great and tough year for us. From being pregnant, to have an emergency delivery, to our month in the NICU and staying at the Ronald McDonald house and now being on separate schedules, life is all over the place.  We really needed a mini getaway to hang out with each other.

It was a great time to go back to the mountain where we got married. It's the weekend of "the world's longest yard sale" so we packed up Archer and headed to North Georgia. 

Archer got to meet his Great-Grandmother and Grandfather! It was a special time seeing him love on them. They are wonderful people. I married into a great family. Cody's mom was there helping out at the yard sale so she brought Coleton and Kylee along. We had a blast doing the yard sale and even made a few bucks. 

Archer played with all the kids. They would push him around in his stroller through the yard. It was cute. He got some good napping in outside. 

Aren't they cute in their Newspring Empty Tomb shirts? Twins. 

Carlye and Hannah loved playing with him. They thought he was so funny in his jump jump! 

Aunt Kelly and Uncle Daryl babysat for us so we could take a day trip into Chattanooga. They all had a great time and Archer got a good kitchen sink bath that night. Uncle Daryl was so nervous, but we all know Archer loves water so he just splashed water everywhere! 

Cody and I rented bikes and road through the city after having lunch at Rembrandt's in the Art District. It was so good! We had so much fun riding bikes. We were really nervous since we were riding on main roads with lots of cars, but it was fun. After riding bikes we went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy and cool down! It was a super funny movie. Cody loves Marvel movies. After the movie, we walked down and had BBQ at Sugar's. Unfortunately, it was that great. We walked across the street and go truffles afterwards and that made up for a not so great dinner. 

Before we went home, we drove up to Sand Mountain to visit our wedding venue, Sunrise Farms. It was a beautiful evening. I am so thankful for the fun day we had. I miss my husband during the week even though we see each other everyday. It really only is in passing. We do long for the weekend so we can spend time together. We know right now our situation is perfect so that we get so much time with Archer and don't have to put him in daycare so we are trying to enjoy every moment. One day we will miss this. 

Happy Anniversary, Cody! You are my favorite.


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