Friday, May 25, 2012

Wedding planning...

I am the wedding coordinator/planner for my friend, Jennifer's wedding coming up this August. You can see the barn in the background of the first photo where she is getting married. It's going to be so much fun. 

Jac, Jenn and Myself

Benny wearing my scarf! 

Kenny, the groom - Benny and Travis

Evan Grace

Over Mother's Day weekend, our cousins visited and dedicated their new daughter Evan to the Lord. 

She is a cutie pie. 

She's a beauty...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well, I turned 28 today (Tuesday).  It was weird. I really don't feel old, but when I hear 28 I think "Oh my gosh, I'm so behind in life!" Every time today someone has heard how old I am, they say so when are going to start having kids. I want kids, just not yet... so stop asking. Is 28 the year to have kids... or late? God has plans for us... it's just not yet.

 Cody and I are so happy and in love. I am lucky to have a great husband that I get to walk this life with and warm my toes up on. 28 is going to be great even though it makes me feel soooo old.

Thank you, Puddie for your love and support.

ps, isn't my dress awesome. I love it. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summers change people...

While at Erskine, I was able to meet a few great students. Tripp and Ashley were two students that worked for me as work-study students. They were great. Tripp is a freshman that is transferring to USC next year  and Ashley will be a senior this next year. We went to lunch yesterday before they left for the summer to celebrate the finishing up the year and a goodbye to Tripp. Love these kids and am so blessed that God put them in my life. They both have been so great during our time in Due West.

Shredding it...

So I bought Jillian's 30 Day Shred back in January. I only did it a few days and then went out of town. You know how that goes. You start strong and life happens. Well, I've been doing it again. I'm on Day 8 today. Last night I  did two sessions. Killer. I have lots a couple of pounds, but I feel like I'm gaining a lot of muscle which I'm ok with since it burns more calories than fat.

I'm also logging all of my food and exercise on app on my iPhone. My brother is also doing it so we both are getting summaries of each others progress. It's funny getting to see everything he eats and does, but it's encouraging to see him going through it with me.

Anyway, maybe in a few weeks you'll be able to see some change in my body. If you do, please tell me so I can believe it's working. If you don't see any changes then tell me to put the pizza down and give you twenty.

Church photos

My MIL asked us if we would come have family photos done while they were getting church directory photos for their church taken this weekend.  Here is what ours looks like....

The photographer was so funny, but I guess we are kind of snobs about it. 
I do like how they turned out though and can't wait to have this little pic hanging in our house. 

While waiting to get our photos taken, I was able to get these shots of our beautiful niece, Kylee. 

How cute are those? Love that sweet girl. 

Room8 and Megs

Last week Room8, aka Cora  - the guest blogger, came to South Carolina. I met them in Columbia and we stayed with our friend Meghan. She is going to Columbia International University for counseling. Her and her son, Conner were wonderful hosts all weekend.


Cora and Meghan

Julianna, Me, Meg, Cora and the amazing, Mary

see, amazing. 
These were all taken down by the lake in Columbia. It was such a great day!

For dinner, the sweet Greco family made us an italian feast and chocolate cake for dessert. Since Conner's bday is in May we decided to sing him Happy Birthday and let him blow out candles. He loved it. 

and then they watched Monsters, Inc. 

It was a great time. I really needed to see my best friends again and just be encouraged by them. I love my husband, but there is a special place in my heart for my friends that gets empty when I don't see them for long periods. I am glad God gave us some time together. It was a blessing. 

SWU Graduation

I spent two years at Southern Wesleyan University as the graphic designer. I love that school and the wonderful students I had the honor of meeting and grew to love. Amy is one of our dearest. She was not only a student to our family, but a friend. She possibly washed my dishes more than I did when we lived there. She has a heart of gold so we were so excited to celebrate her graduation from SWU last week.

Another sweet girl that I loved knowing was Courtney. She brought so much fun into my life as I was her cheerleading sponsor. We went through a lot together. I watched her grow so much as a leader and cheerleader. She was always willing to push herself because she knew as captain she had to lead by example. It was rough when funds weren't available for uniforms, competition, music but she always stepped up to help me with ideas and implementing them.  She is moving to VA to work for a forensic lab. She is such an amazing lady. 

Another dear friend got an award that day. Rev. Jim Wiggins, my VP. He is retiring this year and had the honor of speaking at the ceremony and was awarded an honorary doctorate. He was so excited when he invited me to graduation and told me what they were giving him. He deserves it a million times over. I believe that God continuously blesses me with Godly father figures in my life and I know he was one. He always gave me hugs and supported me through my time at SWU and afterwards. 

During the ceremony, a father of a student that passed away this past fall was there to accept his son's diploma. His son would have graduated in December, but sadly was not able. The room was overcome with emotion at that moment. Everyone rose as he walked across stage. I'm sure as a father it was no comparison to burying your child, but I'm sure it was one of the hardest/proudest moments for him. Say a prayer for their family if you think about it. I know that ache in their hearts will never go away.  

It was a great day and fun to be back on campus and see everyone. 
Check out SWU if you are looking for a college! It truly is a great places with wonderful people.


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