Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Week Recap

So we're married!!! Two weeks ago, yesterday! I've been so busy catching up on work and sleep that I haven't blogged so here's a photo recap of the wedding. Once I get my photographer shots I'll post a few of those.

We arrived in Trenton early to get our marriage license from Charlotte at the court house. She
was something crazy.

We got this little piece of paper that changes everything!

Cora and Mary came later on Thursday, August 5 and brought me this awesome shirt!!!

We met up with the rest of the girls in Chattanooga. We stayed at the Sheraton downtown! So much fun! We all went to dinner at the Terminal Brewhouse and ate on the rooftop.

Here's me with the two Meg's (Ready - Harding)
and the other side, the native, Dehrae, Room8 Cora and Mini-Room8, Mary

yea, this is good waiter photo taken for us... way to cover the flash!
and then the night got interesting as we met up with my sister and her friend Rebecca... We were picked up by Tabby the Cabby and taken to the Electric Cowboy and met this sweet innocent lady...

She's like a giant...

Here's Rebecca and Kayla...

Strange enough, I don't have one photo from the rehearsal dinner. Sadddddd!

and here we are.... the wedding day...

My brother walked me down the aisle.

me dancing with my ole Gar-Bear... Twirling

My Moma, who did so much!!! and my Mother in law, Sabra!
I'm a lucky girl with two awesome Moms. Couldn't have asked for better!

Me and my JGG, Amy

here's one shot from my photographer she gave me...


one chipped tooth to make it special...

and now a video recap of the honeymoon.... :)

It was all perfect. I wish I had a week to spend with all my friends and family that came. It was overwhelming but wonderful.

Thanks for everyone for making it so great!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're Married!!!

Recap of what happened... ( so we never forget the little details)
Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Cody and I drove to Trenton, GA around lunchtime. We hung out with Emily Bloxdorf for lunch and had a few handymen fixing my front door before we left.

We met up with his parents at their cabin at Cloudland Canyon State Park when we got there. We ended up hiking to the top of the mountain and had our last moment of quietness before all the craziness started.

Thursday, August 5, 2010
Cody and I went and got our marriage license. "are you related?" "where was your dad born?" "did you two run away to get married?" just a few of the questions we were asked by Charlotte.
$35 later we were almost married. We got a discount since we had gone through marriage counseling. woo.

Cora and Mary arrived shortly after and then my Mom and Gary. I was so excited to see them all.

Me and the girls left and headed out to Chattanooga for the night. We met up with Meghan, Megan, Dehrae, Kayla and Rebecca. We stayed at the Sheraton in downtown chooga... We ate at the Terminal Brewhouse. We headed back to the hotel where the girls gave me presents... some helpful... some with weiners on them. All in all, perfect. Meg also brought Mama H's white benz so we could be like the guys on the Hangover... classy.

After dinner we called a cab.... enter, tabby the cabby... and she took us to the Electric Cowboy. Obviously, we went to the classiest place in town. And i'm going to leave out a bunch of stuff that I don't want my kid to read one day....

then Tabby the Cabby took us to breakfast... she joined us! It was so random.

We left the hotel early that morning and got a discount b/c in the middle of the night our air went out. I got up early guzzled water like it was going out of style and went downstairs and complained. Bridzilla much? Nope, just trying to help my girls out.

I rode back with Cora and Mary. They gave me my first taste of Florence and the a Machine. Glory!

We went to Canyon Ridge Golf course where we stayed for the rest of the weekend. It is a beautiful place. We hung out with my family and went to lunch with my mom and gary at a pizza place in Lafayette, GA. Cora and I went and had a our nails done. Her nail guy hit on her. "what's your favorite color?" "blonde"

We quickly went back home and changed for the rehearsal....

The rehearsal dinner was at Cody's uncle Daryl's house. There were so many people there. I was late. I was flustered. Cody had been running around all day for his mom so he was flustered. It was just crazy. We got a few minutes to love on each other. I hardly ate I was so wired.

When I got home I wrote him a letter and put my $2 bill in it. In highschool, I was in this church service that David Shephard was preaching. He gave everyone a $2 bill and told us that virgins were as rare as $2. He told us to keep it and on our wedding night go buy a RC Cola and a Moonpie. I decided to give mine to Cody instead. It is such a special gift to be able to give to him. I am glad that I can say I've only had sex with one man in my life and that he's my husband.

Saturday... the wedding... it went by so fast, I hardly remember it... but that's what pictures are for...

we're married, we're in love and praise God for his faithfulness in our lives.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bridal Photos by Brett Seay Photography- SNEAK PEAK!

I love Brett Seay. Not only is she a great friend, but an awesome photographer. I am so blessed to know her and be able to work with her. She is such a blessing to have with me during this time.

Here are a few of my bridals. These are taken at The Cliffs Communities - Glassy Mountain, Landrum, SC

Brett Seay Photography
Greenville, SC
I'm getting married in 4 days.


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