Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Let me introduce my lovely girls... the ones I chose to stand beside me through all of this...

First off, my maid of honor, my fiesty sister, Kayla

Then there is the reason for my relationship and favorite native american, Dehrae

And the sunshine of my college life and room8 forever, Cora

And then there's everyones favorite milf... and godly woman, Meghan

My best friend from Mississippi and my JGG, Amy

and last but not least, THE FUN, Meg

Good women. Good memories. It's going to be a good time.


Here's the run down of the venues we're going to visit this weekend. I'm really excited and extremely ready to have an official place and date. Obviously I'm looking for an outside venue with character. I feel like God has made everything beautiful so let's just use his work.
Gordon Lee Mansion

Canyon Ridge Golf Course

Lookout Lake Bed and Breakfast
Sunrise Farms

And then there's Hidden Hollow, but all the photos online look awful... I've heard good things so hopefully they just have a bad photographer.
Fingers crossed we get a place Saturday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Invites and photos

Trying to figure out who to invite is tough business. The obvious choices are there then there are those people you were once joined at the hip with and shared your dreams of a wedding with but now you never speak to... either because of distance or just grew apart. I'd love to have them there with me even though I never see them now... these people helped form who I am as a person.

Do I only invite them to the shower and not the wedding? Our wedding is a few hours away from my hometown so I know not everyone I invite is going to come so I'm trying to figure out who exactly to invite... maybe just everyone. I plan on having beautiful invites... here's hoping I don't go crazy making them.

I'm looking for a dress to wear for engagement photos. I'm excited about those. Laurin Lee Photography are doing them. She's a friend of mine and one of my cheerleaders (I'm the sponsor) She does a great job and has a great eye!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we are... ENGAGED!

Welp, it's happened. He proposed on March 18. I nodded yes... that's right, I was speechless and nervous in all the good kind of ways. If you know me, you know I've been waiting fo this moment, begging for this moment, talking about this moment for months, years... every minute. My sweet fiance' had such a hard time trying to surprise me since I was "always expecting" it. Either way, he did great and I loved it. He is wonderful to me. The ring is perfect. I can't stop staring at my finger and I do not want to take it off now.

And on to the planning...

So far we are looking to have an August wedding. Maybe a peach theme... or apple... we'll see.

More to come...


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