Monday, February 3, 2014

Photo recap of the last two months!

Happy Two Months, Archer! We love you so much! 

Archer is here! 5 weeks early!

I had planned to do a huge update on my pregnancy before Archer arrived, but that went out the window when he came 5 weeks before his due date. Here's what happened...

On Saturday, November 30, Cody and I spent the day with Johnny shopping in Pendleton and eating in Greenville. We walked around downtown and decided to eat at the Blue Ridge Brewery. During lunch, I felt Archer hiccuping. He had slowed down his movements which I knew was normal, but they were further and further apart. I was thankful for the hiccups that day. Cody started feeling sick at lunch so we ended up going home earlier than planned and we were glad we did. When we got home Cody started throwing up and was running a fever. This last all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I tried to help as much as I could without getting sick. We were so worried that I would get it. We both had received the flu shot, but clearly it was still possible to get it. On Monday, December 2, I went to work and realized I had not felt Archer kick at all on Sunday nor that morning so I started paying close attention and eating some sugar to get him moving. At lunch time I came home and ate some leftover monkey bread I had made over the weekend. It had loads of sugar so I figured that would do the trick... nope. Well, everyone told me not to freak out or over react so I went back to work and finished out the day. Around 3pm, I went and laid in Coach Ard's office and drank some coke. I laid on my left side for 30 minutes and felt nothing. I started to panic so I called the doctors office. Mari told me to go ahead and go to the hospital and let them monitor me. I called Cody and he had called in sick since he was still weak from the flu. (Luckily he was no longer throwing up!)

We went to Oconee Medical Center in Seneca. They didn't make us wait long at all to go upstairs and get hooked up. The room was large and cozy and had a comfy chair for Cody to rest in since he was still not himself. They hooked us up and heard a heartbeat and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Now, they had to figure out what the problem was. Unfortunately, this is where they failed. After 30-45 minutes on the monitor, they could tell something wasn't right, but neither of us were in distress. They called in a Radiologist to give us an ultrasound.

He took us downstairs to the room to do the Biophysical profile. He made Cody sit outside (which was weird and a whole different story) and then he wouldn't let me watch the monitor. After 45 minutes or so, he took me back upstairs never telling me any of the results. We sat in the room for an hour waiting the results and to hear what the doctor wanted. Finally, Cody went outside to the nurse sitting on her cell phone and asked what the problem was and had the doctor called. The nurse said she would call again(?) and find out. No sooner had Cody come back in the room and sat down was she in there telling us that we scored an 8 out of 8 points on the profile and we could go home. She said the doctor said you just have a "chill" baby. She asked when our next appointment was and told us to speak to our doctor about it. On our discharge papers, it clearly stated to come back to the hospital if we didn't feel 10 kicks in an hour. Well, he had not kicked more than 3 times while we were there for 3 hours. The nurse said, wellll... just make sure you tell your doctor about it.

We left and went to Moe's hoping a little mexican food would help get him moving.

I don't know how I slept that night, but God surely had something to do with it. The next morning after still not feeling Archer move I called my doctors office and got my appointment moved up. They immediately hooked me up and my doctor knew something was wrong. She had them go ahead and do another ultrasound. This time we didn't score as high and Dr. Bass assumed it was b/c of the placenta. She decided to send me to another hospital in Anderson that has a NICU just in case. They finished the ultrasound and we were out the door around 10:30. It wasn't even 20 minutes that we were gone that Dr. Bass and Mari the OB nurse called and said that they had time to review the ultrasound completely and that she wasn't happy with it at all and we need to head straight for Greenville and deliver today. I immediately cracked and started to cry. I got myself calm and told Cody to go to Greenville and then handed him the phone so they could give him directions. He asked if he needed to rush to get there and Mari told him to hurry but don't speed too much. Dr. Bass immediately piped up and said no, put your flashers on and get there as soon as possible. Talk about stressful driving through Easley during lunch time. It was the worst!

After we arrived at the hospital, the hospital staff hooked me up and the doctor looked at the monitor and said we would deliver today, but he needed to figure out if I could deliver naturally or have to have a c-section. Immediately, he told me I would have to have a c-section. They got me ready and we went to the delivery room. They were ready to start but had to get some blood before I went in. I would have thought that would have been the easy part, but it was awful. Since I had not eaten that morning or drank more than a small hi-c I had at my doctor's office that morning, I was dehydrated so they couldn't get any blood. They stuck me around 8-9 times in my arms and feet. Finally, after 4 others had tried, an older woman came and tried. When it was taking her a long time, they called in another guy that was coming to stick me in my neck! Praise the Lord, a few minutes later, the old woman got it! After that, they took me back and gave me my epidural. It was kind of awesome. I know, awful. I didn't start to panic until they were asking everyone if they were ready and Cody was in there yet. I kept asking where he was and they kept telling me he was coming. Finally, he came and in and they sat him down and held my hand. I was a mess though and he said he was scared when he saw me so upset. I could barely breath. My nose was stopped up and so I kept trying to calm down. They had me on oxygen but it didn't help. I was in full panic. It was the most terrifying thing of my life so far. The c-section went fairly quickly looking back now. All I remember was yelling from the pressure when they push Archer out. The NICU doctors took him immediately and worked on his lungs. We finally heard him whimpering. They cleaned and wrapped him up and let me see and kiss him then they took him and Cody went with them.

Cody came back after a little bit while they were closing me up and showed me more photos. He was so beautiful and thankfully ok, but still needed to go to the NICU and get help breathing. His lung weren't completely developed so he had to be on the C-pap for a few days. We ended up spending 28 days in the NICU. Here are my updates via facebook post so I don't have rewrite them...

December 4, 2013:
Update! I'm a mommy to sweet 5lbs 2oz, 18 1/2 in. long baby Archer! 

No update on why, but the placenta quit giving him nutrients and his movements stopped on Saturday. I waited as long as I could before going to the hospital on Monday. All of his vitals were fine and they sent me home saying I just have a "chill" baby. Luckily, I had my normal 35 week check ok Tuesday. After another sonogram, mydoctor said I might need to go ahead a deliver.

We were headed for AMed in Anderson to let them have a closer look at my placenta when my doctor called back and had a closer look at my sonogram and told Cody to put on his flashing lights and hurry to Greenville and prepare for birth.

We were greeted by a wonderful staff at Greenville Memorial that immediately determined that today (Tuesday) was the day. Unfortunately, bc of the placenta they felt it necessary to have a c-section. I didn't care as long as he was healthy.

At 1:52pm, Archer made his grand entrance into the world and my heart. They let me give him a little kiss and then whisked him and Cody away to the NICU to make run a few test.

Archer is currently using a C-pap to help his little lungs function at capacity, but he is giving them a tough fight screaming his little head off.

They finally let me see him at 2:30am and give him lots of snuggles once I was able to walk. Cody has been a proud papa and is taking our families back to see him and keep him company.

Even though this was the most unexpected turn of events, my pregnancy and even birth have been extremely easy. I know there will be some painful moments ahead as I heal, but the wave of emotions I'm having for my sweet baby seem to be keeping me calm and without a care.

Thank you, Jesus for keeping our little family safe and healthy.

December 5, 2013:
Day 3: Archer is getting stronger. He is still in NICU-3. Late last night he was able to come off of the C-pap and get on a small oxygen tube. If all goes well this morning he should get moved to NICU-2! 

Cody got to change his diaper last night and be there for a few big moments. 

There is so much happening, but it's all so overwhelming to

December 6, 2013:
This new mommy is having a hard time knowing I'm going to have to leave my sweet baby in the NICU when we leave today. We might get the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald house if there is an opening, otherwise we will be headed home. 

Please pray for my heart. I am just breaking down over it.

December 7, 2013:
Archer is off his oxygen! Praise the Lord for this! Each step means he will be home sooner! His doctor even said it could be as soon as 4 days that he would be headed home!

Thank you all for the messages, calls and visits. We are on cloud 9 and so overwhelmed, but it's so exciting. Sorry if we haven't called or texted you back!

We are headed home for the night so pray for us that we will rest and heal. Love you all!

December 10, 2013:
Today's events: 1. Archer spit up everything after he ate while I was holding him. 2. Archer pooped while I was changing his diaper. 3. Archer peed on us while we were cleaning up the poop. 4. We found out we were getting a room at the Ronald McDonald house. #goodday #newmommy #ididntthrowup

Facebook won't let me get the dates in between these two right now... 

December 30, 2013:
I just fed Archer and headed downstairs for a cinnamon roll and some Starbucks. I've been sitting here reflecting over the last month and preparing my whole self to take Archer out of this bubble. As much as we hated him having to be here we also realized how blessed we were. We learned to be parents, Archer is already on a schedule, we had someone teach us/him how to nurse and take a bottle, they noticed his frenulum was attached and fixed it before we headed home... We got so much more than most first-time parents that just get thrown into it.

I love the nurses in the NICU so much and honestly think of some of them as family now. They have loved our little one and changed his diaper and fed him more than us. GMH and the Ronald McDonald house have been our home this past month. It all seems like a blur now though.

We know that God already has the financial part figured out so we are leaving that at his feet.

Thank you all so much for all of the encouraging messages, calls and texts. I haven't been able to write a lot of you back, but please know it is all appreciated. I have felt so loved by so many... Especially from current Moms. You ladies have lifted my soul on days I couldn't breathe.

And if I don't get thank you cards out from our last few showers until next year just know we love you and appreciate everything! 

Now, let's hurry up and go home!


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