My humble idea

Back at the beginning of Summer, I came across a post from my hometown on Instagram. They had made t-shirts for locals to purchase. There wasn't much to them, but I immediately noticed they used my favorite brand of t-shirts. I wanted one. Instead of buying one from them, I came up with the idea to make one for my current hometown in South Carolina. And so, my little hometown pride t-shirt business has begun.

I signed up for the Farmer's Market and began selling the shirts there. I also shared this photo on Facebook.

People shared it, liked it, commented on it. It also helped that I used our friends Tyler and Allison as the models! They live right off the square. People began coming to the market just to get one of my shirts!

My coworker, Grace, let me know of a new boutique coming into town and set me up a meeting. Ashley, the owner of the new boutique welcomed me so fast and has been so wonderful. She has supported little business and put my shirts in her shop.

For July 4, the town had a parade and we were able to sell a lot of shirts that day as well as sell a few tank tops I ordered special for that day. We sold out of these.

Local businesses began to purchase the shirt. 1826 Bistro on the square were the first. Andrew and Justin purchased shirts for their whole staff. Palmetto Bank, the Village Bakery all took suit and the shirts have been flying off the shelf at the Boutique.

It's been such a blessing. We have been able to meet so many people through this About a month ago, through some strange circumstances we meet the town administrators. They said they have been watching us as our shirts have become a hit. They asked me to design some new shirts for the Fall Festival. I'm so excited. They are currently at the printers. We will have shirts for all of the volunteers and I'll be selling them along with some koozies and car decals/stickers. I'm so excited!

The boutique has already put in a second order and we added a new color - Dark Heather Grey.

I'm excited about the future of this little business.


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