Blue Lizard®

This month I received my first Influenster box. I was so excited about all the great products I was getting to try out! I got the Nuture box filled with great mom type goodies. See!

Of course, the first product I tried was the Red Vines. I am a huge Twizzler fan so I was excited to try these. The taste is completely different than the Twizzler's taste which was a pleasant surprise! I really liked it and excited to try more! 

I got my box on a Friday so it was the perfect opportunity to try the Blue Lizard sunblock during the weekend. One of my favorite things about Blue Lizard is that the cap or bottle will turn blue when there are UV rays so it basically alerts you to put on sunscreen! How cool is that? 

We got ready for the pool and I put the sunscreen on myself and my son, Archer. We got the sport kind which is great for my busy body son that is always running around and never stopping. It worked great! We played outside at the park and then came home and got in the pool. We reapplied on his cheeks and shoulders before we got in the pool. We are now fans of Blue Lizard. I'm sure we'll be using this a lot more in the future! This summer is so hot here. It's supposed to be 100 all week in South Carolina! 

I'll be reviewing more from my Nuture box soon, so stay tuned!

*I tested Blue Lizard Sunscreen and Red Vines for free, but all opinions are my own. 


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