October - 10 months

October was a great, but also sad month for us. Our pawpaw passed away so we made the trip to MS. It was great to see everyone again, but it was hard saying goodbye to Pawpaw. We knew it was going to happen soon so we have been waiting for the call. It was still hard to take. The last few years of his life were my favorite time with him. He was so much more loving and open about his feelings and life. He told us all kinds of stories about what he had been through and just random stories that we aren't sure are all true, but fun. He was so happy to meet Archer back in the summer. Cody and I both talked about how great his reaction was and how happy it made us that day seeing his face when we brought Archer in to see him. It was just wonderful. 

We had a busy month with the trip to MS, but we also did a lot of fun things here in SC. We went to the Indie Craft Fair with Tyler, Allison and Eva and to Skytop Orchid. We had Homecoming at NGU and Archer got some love and of course, a big hug from Dr. Epting. For Halloween, Archer was a Tiger. We had a few people over to the house for treats and then we all walked around the neighborhood. My sweet 10 month is crawling everywhere, eating tons and smiling at everyone. He is just so happy all of the time. He has two teeth on the bottom and three, almost four on top. He stands up on everything and will guide himself around. 

The photos are out of order, but just enjoy!


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