9 Months

Happy 9 Months of Life, Archer!
This sweet baby is saying Mama and Dada.
He is crawling and it's so cute.
He doesn't like puffs yet.
We started feeding him some prepackaged meals to help Dad out during the day and even though it's breaking my heart to feed it to him, it has been helpful.
He has started waking up in the middle of the night at 3am, but going back to bed until 5:30-6am.
He takes two naps a day.
He loves playing with Norah, his camera, Lenny the lamb and Pooh bear.
He laughs all the time and fake coughs a lot.

His new Ikea rug to crawl on.

It's football season and Aunt Mojo let us borrow these sweet Clemson overalls! He is so darn cute in them.


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