The Fickle Monster has left the country...

My dear Room8 and Friday blogger, Cora is on her way to Canada to see the lovely, Leah Henson Milan. Don't worry though faithful Fickle Monster readers! She'll be back after spring break with new stories and new perspectives. There's somethings a brewing in her lovely life and even I can't wait to see what God teaches her through these things! So hold tight and pray for her as she travels to Celin Dion's homeland.

(circa 2009)

I hope you girls have a blast, aye.
Love you both!

To everyone else, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My lovely MIL is taking me shopping tomorrow. Woo! There is a storm coming so I hope it passes over quick! 

Anyway, love love love...

That's the hubs... looking all good and stuff.


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